The perfect remedy for the virus and cold season by Miaomiaoce

A seasonal cold is always unpleasant. Therefore, such a novelty by Miaomiaoce will be useful for everyone who is prone to colds or suffers from frequent sneezing and nose dryness.

The nasal irrigator is perfect for prophylactic purposes and the treatment of ailments in the nasal passages and nasopharynx.

The device has 2 nozzles - a standard nozzle and a spray nozzle (for a more gentle effect). The nozzle itself rotates 360 degrees, making it comfortable to use.

How does it work?

Saltwater or medicine fills in a special water tank which fixes to the main body of the device. The water tank capacity is 250 ml, which is enough for one use without the need to disassemble and refill a liquid.

Miaomiaoce nasal irrigator

Depending on the selected mode, the nozzle sprays saltwater or medicine, which enters the respiratory tract in form of aerosol and has a direct effect.

The control of the device is quite simple - there is a power button, a mode switch button, and an LED display that shows the selected mode.

The device has 5 operating modes including pulse mode. Therefore, the user will be able to choose a mode depending on the goal - daily care or deep cleansing.

The irrigator is powered by a 2500 mAh battery. It can be charged using the included USB cable.

The novelty was launched on a crowdfunding platform and has already got many pre-orders. And it is not surprising, because such a gadget will be useful to everyone who wants free and healthy breathing.

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